Does Your Word Count?

When was the last time you’ve seen a fight to the finish over honor?

Today, maybe what we do and how we do it, is not taken so seriously. When you hear the name Tiger Woods, or Arnold SchwarzeneggerWere first you thoughts, their last worst thingOr was it all of their great things!

A world would where people took, honor and one’s personal word, as if it really matters. The most important thing should be (what type of person you are) and (your honor/word) instead of possessions accumulated.

To answer: “when was the last known fatal duel”

The last known fatal duel in Canada, in Perth, Ontario in 1833, saw Robert Lyon challenge John Wilson to a pistol duel after a quarrel over remarks made about a local school teacher, whom Wilson married after Lyon was killed in the duel. The last fatal duel in England took place on Priest Hill, between Englefield Green and Old Windsor, on 19 October 1852, between two French refugees, Cournet and Barthelemy, the former being killed. According to

Like the 18th Century, more value should be put on our honor and word. My point being; a long time ago our word and honor meant way more than it does today.

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