Congratulation On Your New Home

Are you protected?

What Is Home-owners Insurance?

As the name implies, homeowners insurance protects you should something happen with your home.  As your insurance broker should explain, homeowners insurance gets broken down into four components: Structure, Personal Belongings, Liability, and Living Expenses.


What Is Home-owners Warranty Insurance?

Essentially, a home-owner’s warranty is can considered an extended service contract. It ensures that any of the mechanical systems or appliances that are working on the day of the closing will continue to work for a certain amount of time afterwords. Typically, a home-owner’s warranty lasts for a year after the closing, but many contracts have the ability to be renewed.

With a variety of plans to choose from, you can usually find one that suits your situation. For instance, a very basic plan starts at around $300, covers most mechanical problems that might show up as well as the major appliances.

A home-owner’s warranty is a wonderful way for a buyer to be comfortable with the amount of money that he or she is spending on a new home. Replacing appliances or dealing unknown problem with just a small service fee the new homeowner can realize that these events will be handled, that will make them a lot more comfortable with the purchase; & understanding homeowners insurance is a vital part of protecting your home and all of its components.

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