To all Fathers, especially my Dad, enjoy the best Father’s Day!

To all Fathers, especially my Dad, enjoy the best Father’s Day!

It’s smart to plan for that big day? Owning instead of renting!

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard the media explain the housing market. I can list many reasons for the current real estate market, more important; what do you do today?

Based on Sellers’s fighting tooth and nail with lenders for financing, the market seems sluggish, but we are at a point where investing makes sense, it’s starting to show in areas of real distressed environments. With loans at an all-time low if you have the down payment it’s time to pull the trigger. Make sure your credit is in line and there are no issues. The era of 0 or little money used as a down payment is over, try and put the biggest down payment, it should ease the strain of you mortgage. 15 year loan programs are the best loans in history!!!

Fun Fact test; Headaches and inflammatory pain can be reduced by:

  1. 20 tart Cherries.
  2. 1 class of Sour Grapefruit juice.
  3. 3 cups of coffee.
  4. 1 bowl of warm tortilla soup.


1 is the correct answer

Prudential California Realty

K.G.P. L.L.C.

Jon Kolsky

O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 0511 C’ 562 225 2295  5320 E Second Street #8 Long Beach, CA 90803 DRE# 01311273


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