Your reputation might be in danger!

Your reputation might be in danger!

A group that has a hall passes to disparage at will, it’s dangerous!

Of course we all have a reputation; it’s more about protecting it…

I think we all understand the theory of action and reaction and the media today; of course we are accountable for all of our actions. “The problem” the wild west of our internet and the lack of protection, and rights we have in it. Today a web-site can set up shop to do “Real Estate” but instead have an “entertainment” license. The same web-site that deceives its public may also do other peril activities. Unfortunately there are bad web-sites today that allow “small groups” to run free disparaging and ruining reputations. There is very little a person can do when a small interest group wants to disparage and target your reputation.

“The laws favor the big Web-sites and these “small interest groups” who choose an act unethical, what they think is for a “greater cause”… Litigation is not the answer and is almost worthless even when you have solid proof; the big web-sites know how to make it not worth suing.

The worst news they know it & that’s why they can get away with it…

Today protecting your reputation is almost impossible if a group attacks, my advice is do the best you can, do not lie down, standing up for yourself is a right we have and should be the course taken, even if all the odds are stacked up against you. Love every day and embracing it as a gift.

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