Month: July 2011

Sometimes a bad decision is a last one!

Yosemite Waterfalls Vernal Falls

Vernal Falls a place of beauty turns dark, as family and witness watch. I hope sharing this will impact any reader who are “not able” to take advantage of the moment daily. People who are able to appreciate every day as it happens and whatever it brings, are luck and see the true gift of life! (IMO)

As reported:

Just before the hikers fell in, Jake Bibee, 28, said he saw a man in his 40s leaning out over the waterfall, holding his 6-year-old daughter.

“The little girl is crying and screaming,” Bibee said. “There’s a 13- or a 14-year-old taking their picture. And everyone at the top of the falls is pissed. I’m kind of a firey guy. I’m yelling at him … ‘Get over here!’

” The man walked back to safety, but three other members of his group had also crossed over a safety barricade.

“They’re taking pictures and being stupid,” Bibee said. Ramina Badal, 21, of Manteca fell first. Then a  man plunged in after her. They were clinging to each other, Bibee said.

“I’m watching the two of them being swept away,” Bibee said. “I’m starting to jet for the edge. It’s just instinct.”

His friend Amanda Lee pulled him back and told him not to go.

A third person also fell in. The man looked back just as he was being swept over the edge of the falls, Bibee said.

“I knew they were not going to make it,” Bibee said. “They’re going over the waterfall. When we saw the first two, then I grabbed Amanda and held her head down so she wouldn’t see. And I didn’t look either. I’d seen two people die. I didn’t want to watch another.”

Bibee, who grew up in Angels Camp, said he was at Yosemite with Lee, who had never been to the national park. As they hiked up to the falls, Bibee said, they were discussing the dangers of the raging rivers and the force of the water from the melting snowpack.

“A lot of people from the Valley don’t respect the water,” Bibee said. “But you have to respect the water.”

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Who’s on your computer?

Shadowy cybercrime syndicates are high jacking desktop and lap top PCs. It’s been reported there are hundreds of millions of computers being taken over by these cybercrime organizations. Most likely if you have fallen victim, you are unaware of it and pressed into the internet world of round the clock spam and information grabbing.

Is your computer is acting up? It may be some corrupted files or too many picture/videos, or you’ve fallen prey to hackers. Unfortunately it seems hackers are getting over on law enforcement and us, but better relations between law enforcement and the professional security community is leading to some key dismantling of big botnets (A botnet is an army of infected computers ’bolts’ that is remotely controlled by hackers).

Security experts say there are still many of botnets remaining. Good news “the good guys” offer some good protection and have some great capable people working on their side,” quoted by Don Jackson of SecureWorks, a Del Inc. owned security Firm. The Good Guys offer great products for protection and most new Microsoft Windows have security systems built in. Some assistance may be obtained online by with good help; they post diagnostic information free of charge.

Best of luck!

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80/20 Rule VS. Golden rule

What’s a great starting point? Sometimes a debate is the perfect way to learn. I always love having lunch with a certain friend that loves playing tennis and has been a Long Beach CA Realtor since the mid-60s. Our conversation started towards using the internet for leads vs. leads sourcing the old fashion way.

The only point (80 % of the buyers are using the internet & I want to be where the buyers loom) which lead to the silence of  hearing a fork drop, his long ponder and distinguished busted grin; was conceded.

We both agree technology is here in a big way.

“Automated Systems”

“Automated Email”

“Search Engines Optimization”

“Paper Clip Marketing
Understanding how to use the internet along with making it easy for your “perspective client” to use is so important. It’s critical to grab your audience, timings key. People do use the internet to look for local properties and they look for local professionals to help buy!

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K.G.P. L.L.C.

Jon Kolsky

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Guess who moved to Long Beach CA?

Baby Artic Foxes

Two new residents living in Long Beach California.

Six weeks new, these two guys are really special.

Home is at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach CA.

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Where is your next deal coming from?

Did you know!

It’s reported 50% of all purchasing decisions are motivated by word of mouth!

Believe or not, people who you know can often be your greatest advocates.

Stay in touch with your contacts and friends, sending a simple email may be the best way to get your next deal.

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Panoramas from ” Long Beach CA,

Hope The 4th was “blast”

Here are some pictures from Long Beach CA,

Panoramas from “Belmont Shore” “Naples” “Queen Mary”

By, Jon Kolsky

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