80/20 Rule VS. Golden rule

What’s a great starting point? Sometimes a debate is the perfect way to learn. I always love having lunch with a certain friend that loves playing tennis and has been a Long Beach CA Realtor since the mid-60s. Our conversation started towards using the internet for leads vs. leads sourcing the old fashion way.

The only point (80 % of the buyers are using the internet & I want to be where the buyers loom) which lead to the silence of  hearing a fork drop, his long ponder and distinguished busted grin; was conceded.

We both agree technology is here in a big way.

“Automated Systems”

“Automated Email”

“Search Engines Optimization”

“Paper Clip Marketing
Understanding how to use the internet along with making it easy for your “perspective client” to use is so important. It’s critical to grab your audience, timings key. People do use the internet to look for local properties and they look for local professionals to help buy!

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K.G.P. L.L.C.

Jon Kolsky

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