Is it time for the,

Panic button!

Values which make up the United States — that go to things like freedom of expression, the freedom of the press, and the freedom to organize in the digital age, must be protect,” Just like in society we have rules implemented to protect such values, it’s important to instill them in the digital age”

Just recently freedom of speech and expression changed a little bit and being challenged. Private statements made in your home were limitless, which has always been a common value. Today people feel are confused about statements made on their personal Facebook. Should making statements be considered private similar to your home?

By the end of the year, our government will be spending $75 million on efforts to protect these values. In other countries it’s the exact opposite, there are extensive systems in place to ensure online censorship. The way a country can do this, they create their own separate Internet and somehow combine them, and they create Internet with censorship.

A very interesting point was made about freedom of speech that I did not know, which basically states, freedom speech protects from the possibility of going to jail, not civil damages!.. There are certain responsibilities associated with our freedom of speech.

Censorship is not for me or the United States; I believe the United States will protect our rights under the First Amendment in this new digital age, real experiences should not be asked to be limited, nor should the manner of which it’s published, as long as it complies with our rules. In this digital age unfortunately it’s the Wild West, and there are websites taking full advantage, limiting our normal society rights by way of agreeing to terms accessing their site, which then provides the channel of censorship and lack of transparency…

The worst part about this whole situation is transparency. At least you know where you stand in the country that practices censorship to the public. Websites today in the United States can claim no censorship, but in reality they are exactly like those countries that choose to practice censorship?…. And as far as published material, a huge responsibility must factor in for the main publisher….What is unethical and false information published can’t be allowed, firm rules must be in place to ensure the equality and ethics protecting the public…

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