Free MLS Listings find your home in Long Beach CA,

Free MLS Listings find your home in Long Beach CA,

Long Beach CA

What’s behind your motivation? Who’s motivating you?

Good questions to take a look at. Sure it’s possible to accomplish goals even in the face of someone else providing the motivation. If work was like playing tennis, are you playing tennis for yourself or for someone else?

There are two ways to play tennis. If you are playing tennis because you feel it’s your responsibility or because you were told to; it’s still possible to go out have fun and play good tennis. When the motivation starts within you, and it’s your ability to find true self-motivation, then start playing tennis; the difference between self-motivation or other motivation is great.

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Jon Kolsky


Prudential California Realty

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Phone: 562-225-2296 | Fax: 562-439-0511
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