It’s a new perspective investing in real estate today.

Before you invest money, make sure you studied all the facts. Take into account the conditions of today’s economy, bearing in mind long-term effects of your investment. Well-thought-out decisions plus taking advantage of the moment is the difference; and makes good business sense.

A bank owned apartment building was my first real estate investment. The only reason the bank owned the building was because of conditions; interest rates jumped up to 17%. Looking back I still own the building; it just happened to be one of the smartest decisions I ever made.

At the end of 1990, and against popular opinion I invested my money in real estate. Two major factors played a role in that decision, “location” and “price”. The location, Belmont shore Long Beach California, and low price because of the conditions; the old owner could not afford the mortgage, interest rates jumped out of control.

Available long-term financing with historic low fixed commercial loans is the reason why investing in real estate is becoming popular again. If you have money to invest where are you investing it? The stock market is too crazy, treasury bonds offers very little, “but real estate” has become attractive to investors because of long term very low fixed commercial loans.

There is no question, the best way to investment your money is in real estate. Factor all the current condition of our economy and it’s easy to see; the best position to place your money is in real estate. Investing in real estate delivers great opportunity and provides safe regulations protecting the investment.



Be positive, it’s about leaping with a faith of trust, acting on what you believe is what you are able to become.” 

Have a safe and happy holiday season!




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Get the facts, considering what’s available, contemplating investing in Long Beach real estate or any neighboring city in Southern California. Try my easy to use website, it’s straightforward to use and will answers any questions needed. See lots of fact-finding information forrelocation. So please if you are anticipating living in Long Beach, I’ve made it easy, in minutes you’ll find any real estate information needed. I make it easy for you to see Long Beach neighborhoods map, allowing you to invest your money right.



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