Buying-Selling a home in Long Beach CA, things to know about!

Buying-Selling a home in Long Beach CA, things to know about!

Creating a marketing real-estate strategy that has multiple parties writing offers on your property very fast!”A simple idea that works for home seller “if “they like to sell their home fast and over listing price”! I know this sounds a little farfetched, but it’s not.

When it’s time to put your home on the real-estate market, you must know and understand what the real value of what your home is worth based on the going real-estate market in your area. Once you have a perfect understanding of what’s the fair market value of your home is, it’s time to let real-estate home buyers and real-estate investors  know about your home by deploying a smart real-estate marketing plan; it’s time to create interest to multiple buyers!

Did you know homebuyers are paying close attention to the prices of homes in the area they desire, did you know individual investor wanting to investing in homes are paying close attention as well! A smart home seller will take advantage of a great marketing plan. When you’re able to bring home buyers and home investors to the same property, your home will sale fast to the buyer you want.

Buying-Selling a home in Long Beach CA, things to know about!Marketing your home just below the real-estate market price sounds like a losing proposition, but sometimes it’s the kind of marketing strategy that can generate lots of interested parties to the table fast writing offers on your home. Once you have many interested parties wanting your home, countering all the interested buyers back is the recipe to having a quick sale at fair or over the fair value!

When you’re able to bring excitement to your home because you priced just below the real-estate market price, you’ve brought interests investors and strait buyers to the table. This strategy should definitely find the home buyer you want! Ask your Realtor about this real-estate market plan, see if it’s right for you! Buying-Selling a home in Long Beach CA, things to know about!

Think about what’s right and then do it; I always say; “It’s harder to do the wrong thing verses doing the right thing”


Trust is a source of pride and a true honor, trust is power…

Be positive! It’s about a leap of faith, trusting faith, believing, acting and making it happen!

Your Local Real Estate Connection

Get a positive, helpful partner for buying or selling a home:   Trusted resource for answers about the process.  Innovative marketing strategies Expertise about neighborhood features.

  • Ability to target home searches
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Support through the closing and beyond  


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In any Real Estate market you need a highly seasoned REALTOR®. Jon Kolsky is an exclusive Long Beach REALTOR® adding the unique touch as an investor in Real Estate, Jon understands what it takes to be a long-time successful investor in Real Estate. Jon understands Long Beach; “he’s the go to REALTOR® specializing in Long Beach Real Estate: Downtown Long BeachBelmont ShoreNaplesPark EstatesBixby HillSignal HillWrigley HeightsAlamitos BeachLakewood PlazaSeal BeachRossmoorLos AlamitosHuntington Beach

Get the facts, considering what’s available, contemplating investing in Long Beach real estate or any neighboring city in Southern California. Try my easy to use website, it’s straightforward to use and will answers any questions needed. See lots of fact-finding information for relocation. So please if you are anticipating living in Long Beach, I’ve made it easy, in minutes you’ll find any real estate information needed. I make it easy for you to see Long Beach neighborhoods map, allowing you to invest your money right.

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