Appealing Homes Raising Eyebrows…


When there is a deal we come across that looks too good to be true “we tend to raise an eyebrow at it. Over time, we build a quantitative instinct that warn us of the concept “no free lunches” and when there’s a deal that’s too good to be true, inevitably the deal is filled with unforeseen downsides.

When the perfect home goes up for sale, some would-be buyers feel something’s wrong with the home. Buying a home is a major purchase and heightens the emotions of buyers, especially when there’s a home that “pops-up” seemingly “too good to be true”

For would-be buyers, “thankfully,” your local Realtor can help you structure your offer, so it has sensible timeframes for due diligence allowing more than enough time to inspect the home properly. If the home inspection reveals any problems with the home, (no worries) if you and the seller can’t agree and come to mutual terms through negotiations, then per the residential purchase contract, you can merely withdraw the offer to purchase, and receive the all of the earnest money back!

I keep telling would-be buyers; if the home seems too good to be true, please ignore your instinct, we first need to get it under contract, then we can see if the home is really all that. The last thing a would-be buyer wants to do is pass on or hesitate to make an offer on because the home seemed to be too good of a deal.

As a local Realtor in Long Beach CA, I see it all the time; the more appealing the home is, the faster the home gets into a contract and sells. The homes that seem perfect are the ones that have no problems in contract and consequentially are the homes that sell fast, too!


Trust is a source of pride and a true honor, trust is power…

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