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1461 Bryant Dr E Long Beach CA As a local Realtor in Long Beach, I usually run into three opinions when it comes to the value of a home. In my experience and in general, there is what the seller feels the home is worth, what the buyer wants to pay for the home, and what fair market value deems it to be.

Typically, sellers seem to gravitate to the high end of the market value range while buyers want to purchase on the bottom end of the market value range. It’s understandable a buyer trying to buy a home worth $750k for $730k, just as it is understandable that a seller would love to get $785k versus $750k.

As a local Realtor, I let the seller know that their home is unique, and everything thing about their home will be considered and added in my comparative market analysis. I go through and explain; location, market, recent comps, condition, improvements, neighborhood, & seller’s time frame are some of the major factors that determine the value of their home.

I’ve been providing CMA’s to home owners since 2001; it’s part of the job description to know what the fair market value is, and it’s what I do “accurately” in hopes of earning business. It’s also my job to know and understand how sellers feel about the fair market value price, just as it is my job to know how buyers react to the fair market value price. Part of my job-details are determining the fair market value price accurately “as well as” bridging the gap getting seller and buyer seeing eye to eye.


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