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Investing In Rental Property

Investing In Rental Property


ImageDepending on when you bought a rental property & and how much you bought it for, (if you did it right,) most likely you’re feeling the ongoing delight of the investment. When successfully executed, landlords experience an annual positive cash flow, a yearly tax benefit, and owe less to the bank.

If you do it right, being a landlord is rewarding in many ways. But I caution would-be landlords about making rash buying decisions, there are some mistakes that are disastrous for real estate investors that should be avoided at all cost.

Unless you have a ton of money, there’re a couple rules that must be followed when investing in rental property. 1st -The deal has to pencil out (if it costs too much & you can’t make a 7% profit on your initial investment) “you can’t buy it. After rule #1, you need to make sure “in terms” of the condition of the investment property, & the location of the investment property, they both need to meet certain expectations, if not; “you can’t buy it! You have to be firm on all three points if you want your investment to bring you annual delight and prosperity!

I wanted to be a landlord! In the early- 90s, I leaped into the rental market; I invested in one rental property at a time, and over the years I’ve managed to stay firm when it comes to investment rental properties. I’ve been able to grow my business by investing my money right, and thinking more in the long term, versus the short term. Unless you are mega rich and don’t care if the investment loses money, you have to be firm investing money in rental property. All it takes is a firm stance of a few sticking points, & the willingness to put forth the time and effort required to have happy long term paying tenants!

Only the mega rich can afford to invest in rental properties that lose money. Bottom line is there’re some properties that never make money “just as” there are some properties that are well-located that bring a positive cash flow. It’s all about doing a thorough analysis of the property’s cash flow before you invest your hard earned money in rental property!

As you contemplate your next move, remember that owning rental properties can and is a prosperous long term investment. With the willingness to invest wisely, a bit of desire, knowhow and time – becoming a landlord is a profitable plan & works out better than expected.


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Real-Estate Blogging~ Long Beach California!

Real-Estate Blogging~ Long Beach California!

Don’t sick-out like a misplaced bright Street sign when you blog!

Becoming a good blogger takes a few rules. To be a good blogger is be truthful, have passion, possess basic writing skills, and take a little time to get a general comprehension of blogging; “that’s it”!

“It’s more about the manner in which you chose to blog”.

Any topic you blog about is fine as long as you have a truthful viewpoint and can express your thoughts so they’re interpreted by your audience the way you intend it; no mixed messages. It’s not so much what you blog about, “it’s more about the manner in which you chose to blog”. Good blogging is expressing your thoughts in an accurate, effective, timely manner, and engage with an audience that’s old and new! Real-Estate Blogging~ Long Beach California!

It doesn’t seem like blogging effectively is that complicated and in reality with a little dedication and effort you can be a helpful blogger in a timely manner.

Blogging: Rules, Strategy, Results!

There’s one style of blogging that’s definitely on the way out. Finally the old school “so called” (and only self-proclaimed elite) cynical blogger is a disappearing faster than tickets went for the “book of Mormons play”. They’re a breed slowly puttering-out, they now stick- out like bright (unwanted) traffic sign on the internet.  When engaging in blogging, “stay away from using tactics which make you look bad; you can never forget about the eyes watching”. Hopefully you have so many eyes filtering your blog; to you it seems like a 60 minuets production!

Don’t stick-out and possibly come across as mean, rude, or just plain uneducated by blogging without a conscience. “For those old school bloggers which thrived posting blogs with lots of backhanded scoffer tones, double messages, and huge (I’m so cool) messages; their days of glory are no more”. The cynical blogger that preys on the faults of others are not able to proliferate anymore and be proud; conversely they’re so up-set because “NOW” they stick-out like a misplaced bright street sign! Real-Estate Blogging~ Long Beach California!

Think about what’s right and then do it; I always say; “It’s harder to do the wrong thing verses doing the right thing”

Trust is a source of pride and a true honor, trust is power…

Be positive! It’s about a leap of faith, trusting faith, believing, acting and making it happen!

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Long Beach Investment Property & Long Beach Apartments for Sale

Long Beach Investment Property & Long Beach Apartments for Sale

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Investors have come to rely on Jon for access to inventory of investment property in Long Beach. You’ll find Jon’s inventory is one of the largest selections of investment property with many different diversifying options. To review inventory please search here

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 In Long Beach, people enjoy 5 ½ miles of wide sandy beach, best biking paths. Visit the Waterfront District in Downtown where you’ll find world class Aquarium of the Pacific. Walk the shops of Shoreline Village.

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